• 2006

    1. ?Size: 30×42”? (76× 107cm)
    2. ?Features: IKEA supplier, Acid-free paper, SGS & FSC certificates,??cutting machines from Italy (Valiani)and Netherland(Gunnar)
    3. ?Usages: versatile applications such as packaging, frames, decorations, craftworks etc.
    4. ?MOQ: please contact us and submit below to get free sample

    Product Description

    1. 0.8-3mm thickness,4-ply,cream core/white core available


    1. Acid-free paper means that the pH of the paper is 7.0 (neutral) or higher (alkaline). Under normal conditions of use and storage, the life of acid-free paper can be much longer and friendly to the environment.


    1. Strict QC & sufficient experience:DY has professional technicians with experience more than ten years and a strict production management team, equipped with a fully automatic computerized paper cutting machines , DY can perfectly perform assembly line operations.


    1. For more details and free sample, please contact us and submit below, we will reply as soon as possible.


      Contact US


      Contact Us


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